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Who are we?

During the COVID - 19 crisis a large and enthusiastic group of volunteers mobilised to support their fellow villagers by identifying and providing much needed services - an online food shopping and delivery service, providing children's meals and delivering prescriptions. We raised funds through events such as a plant sale and swap, Zoom pub quizzes, donations from residents and community grants. In order to receive the latter we needed to form a charitable entity so Aldbury Community Support was born.

What next?

It has become clear, as time has passed, that new community needs are emerging and that we are likely to be living with the disruptive effects of COVID 19 for a long time to come.

To ensure that we are able to respond to the needs of our community we aim to continue to raise funds through grant applications alongside donations from individuals and community organisations.


Whilst the pandemic was the catalyst to our inception our aim now is to make a positive contribution by identifying and supporting projects and organisations which are of benefit to our community.


Thanks for submitting!

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